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When news of Jenni Rivera’s death hit the mainstream news outlets as hard and as often as the coverage of Michael Jackson’s death it made me wonder. Who is this girl and why is everyone making such a big deal about her dying?

As it turns out there was a reason for all of the fanfare and it had nothing to do with her selling 15 million albums. It had to do with the fact that there is a sex tape of Jenni Rivera when she was young (and hot) sucking a guys cock like a porn star.

Only one place brings you the best sex tapes all under one roof and it is called Homemade Celebrity Porn. Don’t waste another dime joining some site with one tape on it. Get them all and get access to other sites like Dirty Teen Celebrities and Fake Fantasy.

All of your favorite celeb niches covered with one password. It is like dying and going to heaven. Too soon?

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There are two types of people in this world. One one hand you have the Oprah types that are totally fucked up when it comes to sex. They have closed minds about anything and everything to do with sex. You might even think they wish sex didn’t even exist!

Then there is the flip side of the sexual coin. People like you and I with open minds. People that are happy sex exists. Either or God or nature put sex on this planet and by golly I will be damned before I start hating on people for engaging in it.

One thing I am getting tired of is the same old, same old when it comes to porn. I hate the generic bullshit most porn companies are pumping out these days. They call the reality porn even though nothing about it has anything to do with reality. Its stupid!

I will tell you what isn’t stupid. Real homemade amateur sex. Porn sex tapes made by real people like you are I (though hopefully in better shape than we are in).

There are lots of sites out there offering you free homemade amateur porn, but they all have one drawback. Their videos are not videos at all. They are short little clips. Teasers meant to entice you into buying a membership. Fuck that!

While this site does charge a very small fee that breaks down into $1.66 a month it more than makes up for it with super long videos. Entire porn movies! They have to pay for all of the bandwidth watching their long homemade amateur sex videos consume. You have to admit though, with daily updates and content you actually want to see it is a fucking hell of a deal.

Go check it out and make sure to bookmark it!

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There are a number of reasons for girls to be apprehensive about making a homemade sex tape. One of the top reasons is that they have been seeing how their favorite Hollywood celebrities are having their sex taps stolen and uploaded on the Internet. Sure, girls like Kim Kardashian actually SOLD their tapes, but guys like Gene Simmons never wanted their indiscretions shared with the world. Shit, the guy had just finally married Shannon Tweed. That tape almost split them back up!

I will agree it sucks when a couple gets their homemade sex tape stolen and uploaded to the net. That is just par for the course though. It is why you never leave anything you care for in your hotel room. Managers even go through hotel safes!

Their folly is our gain though. How else do you think sites get ahold of amateur teen porn tapes?

Don’t be a bleeding heart and actually give a shit. There is nothing you can do for this couple now other than cum along with them. LOL

Receive daily updates without having to do anything other than bookmark this teen porn galleries site. Even if you miss a day you can always check the archives for anything you missed. To be honest they have so much free porn I have a hard time just keeping up.

Beat the meat time. Laters!

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Brooke_and_Justin free_couples_hidden_cams

One of the problems with amateur hidden cams is that the couples aren’t always all that and a bag of chips. She is barely fuckable and he is a total douche. Not here. The GuiltyChat.com hidden cam video leaves nothing to be desired. Wall to wall hot babes and guys your old lady will want to watch. That means you don’t have to hide your obsession with webcams anymore. Your wife or girlfriend can join in with you!

You have two options with these two. You can tell Brooke_and_Justin what you want them to do or you can pretend to be a voyeur and let them do what young couples do. Have mad passionate sex!

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Drive your wife wild with the We Vibe vibrator from ToyOrgasmic. This new concept does something other sex toys can’t: it allows you both to feel the vibrations without getting in the way. It will even make your wife feel tighter than she did in high school!

How does it achieve this amazing feat you ask? The We Vibe has a very specific shape to allow your significant other to place it inside her vagina while your cock is in there as well. On this end of the vibrator there is a magic buzz to stimulate her G-spot and your dick as the same time. On the other end is another vibrator to stimulate her clit. And the best part? It is water proof so you can use it in the shower.

The We-Vibe has different settings to decrease or increase the oscillation, as well as to set the pulsing action for more intense orgasms. The We-Vibe comes with a remote so the settings can be changed without having to stop the fun!

Each We Vibe product is made of hypoallergenic materials so it won’t upset your sensitive parts. All plastics are body safe and silicone parts are medical grade. These things will most likely out survive you. Imagine that. Someday you can pass your vibrator down to future generations, or… keep it to yourselves!

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If you are looking for hidden bedroom cam videos I just found a rather insane cache of them. The site is called Emo Girls Porn and as the name suggests most of the videos are Emo babes. There are a lot that don’t really fit the criteria and some that are just plain cute like the Bettie Page big tits babe above.

Even with her pussy hair this Bettie look-a-like is cute. I think it adds to the authenticity of her look. She does do a nice job of shaving things up around her vulva and she leaves her clit plenty exposed to rub up against the base of your cock.

As I said earlier, this site has lots of candid hidden cams. Watch them all on your schedule. You can view as many as you want. You don’t even have to get a password. This is truly free porn!

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Lets face it, putting hidden bedroom cams into people’s rooms is down right illegal. You can go to jail for years, pay fines and own restitution to the victims. While all of that sounds like fun it is a lot cheaper to enjoy adultcamchat.me sex cams instead.

How does it work? You can literally load the site into your browser without joining or paying and start watching for free. If you want couples like the one above you need to go to their bio page and see if they are online. If they are you can pay them to have cam sex for you!

My favorite request is to have them have sex as if they are new to the whole experience and to act like I am not even there. It is spine-tingling fun to watch them improvise like they did their first time around. The girls get all giggly and the guys get embarrassed when the girl makes them do things they never dreamed of doing in front of others.

Click their pic and experience a whole new method to contentment!

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When it comes to porn I much prefer amateurs over professionals. The amateur girls moan for real. Sometimes you even come across a screamer and the great thing is you know she is really having an orgasm.

Lord knows you have plenty of places to get free porn, but most places are filled with some kind of bullshit. In some cases it is some software you have to download in order to watch videos and in others it is hoops you have to jump through to prove you are eighteen.

Stop jumping through hoops and start enjoying great amateur porn videos. There are plenty of full length videos for you to choose from and tons of clips to wet your whistle with. The only downside is you are going to need to clear your schedule. You are going to be hella-busy watching free porn for the next couple of days!

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If there is one thing you can bet your money on and always come up a winner it is that a stringy haired Latina is always going to suck your cock better than her Mrs. Clairol Caucasian counterpart. I am so convinced this is true I won’t even permit a discussion on the subject. If you need proof, I have it.

Go to this exGF porn tube and tell me I am wrong. Look up videos like this one of a hot amateur Latina sucking a big cock. This is how "normal" Latin women suck dick. She isn’t some porn star Barbie girl. She is a real bitch with a taste for cum.

There are a lot of ex-girlfriend videos on that site that will prove my point. Search for Latina and you will see what I am talking about. I know, I know. I wasn’t going to get so heated about this, but I hope my point has been made. If you want your cock sucked like a professional marry a Latina woman. The greasier the hair, the better!

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Get the scoop on some real voyeur porn from the guys that know the niche from the inside out. They publish reviews from people like you that have been fans and/or past members of sites so you can get a first hand account before you pull the trigger.

They also have dozens of those college sex sites where hot coed girls give it up in hopes of making some cold hard cash. Odd things happen when you give a girl some alcohol and put a camera in front of her. She turns into a total fuck-slut!

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pierced, college, coed, babe

This girl is looking to party. She wants a no strings attached college hookup with eligible guys who also want to party. She might have a boyfriend, but that isn’t what her profile she posted is about. It is about fucking on the side. Having a fling. She is even willing to fuck couples!

Does her mom and dad know about her extra curricular activities? Probably not… and she couldn’t care even if they did!

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What a beautiful babe Angelica is! She’s 23 years old, she’s got some small but perky boobs and a perfect body that you’ll love to watch getting wet and worked out. Inside her private room you can watch some of the best hidden camera porn in your life.

For a couple of bucks you’ll be granted full access to her chatroom as well as to all her private videos and pictures taken during the shows she has previously performed. You can’t get a better deal anywhere else… you’re going to be amazed by the skills and desire this chick has to provide pleasure to naughty generous gentlemen. Just give her a chance today by entering her room.

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Up until about a month ago I had never heard of Fiona Cooper. Apparently she has been around for decades. Her company is one of the largest suppliers of adult DVDs in the UK.

I bought my first DVD through the mail from her. It featured Kathryn and Ella. I swear it was like having a hidden bedroom cam in my sister’s room. The DVD allowed me to see what really goes on once the doors close and the schoolgirl uniforms come off!

Check her site out. UK orders even get free shipping!

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She is thinking about making some coffee to wake them up, but he has a different idea of how to get the blood flowing. Real GFs Exposed has real couples having real sex. There are no scripts and the couples upload the hidden bedroom cam videos themselves!

As a member of Real GFs Exposed you also get access to their entire network of separately themed web sites like Busty GF’s, Emo’s, Latinas, French GFs, Asians, Black GFs and moms!

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One thing my boyfriend and I can both agree on is that we both detest fake lesbian porn. I hate watching girls scream and moan like they are getting fucked by a donkey dick when all they are doing is getting their pussy licked. It totally pisses me off!

I found a site called Fiona Cooper and their lesbian movies are spot on. Just what the doctor ordered.

Fiona must feel the same way I do about the issue because her DVDs all rock. The women and the girls all get into real situations ranging from first lesbian experiences to sleepovers depicting what really goes on behind your sister’s closed door.

BTW… I hope I look as good as the one on the left when I hit forty!

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