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Posted By Admin on 09/18/18 - Bookmark Hidden Bedroom Cams

Anytime anyone has ever asked me what my superpower would be, ever since I was a kid, the answer has been invisibility. Why, you ask? Easy. So I could sneak into dressing rooms or shower rooms or locker rooms, basically any room where tons of women get naked! I mean, ok mind control would pretty cool too, because then I could make them suck my dick, but if we’re talking just one power it’s definitely going to be to get to see them naked. Oh bonus, if you’re invisible, they wouldn’t even get to see you jerking off to their hot bodies!

So since I don’t know of any way to magically acquire this gift, I had to find another way to get inside. And it had to be legal, I’m not going to jail just to see some pussy. The last thing I want is for someone in there to be delighted to catch ME in the shower. Luckily I get to see inside this Hidden Camera Dressing Room with a discount that lets me get off to these unsuspecting chicks and no one will ever know.

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