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There are a number of reasons for girls to be apprehensive about making a homemade sex tape. One of the top reasons is that they have been seeing how their favorite Hollywood celebrities are having their sex taps stolen and uploaded on the Internet. Sure, girls like Kim Kardashian actually SOLD their tapes, but guys like Gene Simmons never wanted their indiscretions shared with the world. Shit, the guy had just finally married Shannon Tweed. That tape almost split them back up!

I will agree it sucks when a couple gets their homemade sex tape stolen and uploaded to the net. That is just par for the course though. It is why you never leave anything you care for in your hotel room. Managers even go through hotel safes!

Their folly is our gain though. How else do you think sites get ahold of amateur teen porn tapes?

Don’t be a bleeding heart and actually give a shit. There is nothing you can do for this couple now other than cum along with them. LOL

Receive daily updates without having to do anything other than bookmark this teen porn galleries site. Even if you miss a day you can always check the archives for anything you missed. To be honest they have so much free porn I have a hard time just keeping up.

Beat the meat time. Laters!

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When it comes to porn I much prefer amateurs over professionals. The amateur girls moan for real. Sometimes you even come across a screamer and the great thing is you know she is really having an orgasm.

Lord knows you have plenty of places to get free porn, but most places are filled with some kind of bullshit. In some cases it is some software you have to download in order to watch videos and in others it is hoops you have to jump through to prove you are eighteen.

Stop jumping through hoops and start enjoying great amateur porn videos. There are plenty of full length videos for you to choose from and tons of clips to wet your whistle with. The only downside is you are going to need to clear your schedule. You are going to be hella-busy watching free porn for the next couple of days!

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If there is one thing you can bet your money on and always come up a winner it is that a stringy haired Latina is always going to suck your cock better than her Mrs. Clairol Caucasian counterpart. I am so convinced this is true I won’t even permit a discussion on the subject. If you need proof, I have it.

Go to this exGF porn tube and tell me I am wrong. Look up videos like this one of a hot amateur Latina sucking a big cock. This is how "normal" Latin women suck dick. She isn’t some porn star Barbie girl. She is a real bitch with a taste for cum.

There are a lot of ex-girlfriend videos on that site that will prove my point. Search for Latina and you will see what I am talking about. I know, I know. I wasn’t going to get so heated about this, but I hope my point has been made. If you want your cock sucked like a professional marry a Latina woman. The greasier the hair, the better!

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